Let me be your very special date!
From ping-pong in the park to a visit to the opera followed by a six-course meal in one of Berlin's many trendy restaurants, I can be enthusiastic about many things that will bring us both joy and give us a very special time.

I offer you a real girlfriend experience! 
So if you're up for an unforgettable time with an open-minded, charming and sensitive woman, then I'd be delighted to hear from you. 

Curriculum Vitae

Before I started working as an independent escort, I also worked with some agencies. Maybe you have seen me somewhere before?

[Wayfare] als Lilith

[Verve] als Maia Ceres 

[Perfect Date] als Maia 

[Hetaera] als Maia Ceres

[Charisma/Mistress] als Holly

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My preferences

I like nice dates and anything that goes with it!

We meet in a bar, café, restaurant, museum, theatre or.... 
We get to know each other a bit, find out whether we are on the same page. Impersonal quickies are not my thing. I love flirting and for me it's part of the foreplay. If you just want to hump quickly you are not right with me. I am your partner in crime, your counterpart, your temporary companion; I will turn your head with wit and charm and not only with my body.

Sexually I am RATHER (not quite ;)) vanilla and submissive, but I know exactly what I want and what I don't want. I am affectionate and passionate, I like to spoil as much as I like to be spoiled. Sex is an art for me, not a competition. My goal is an experience at eye level, where both of us feel comfortable and can enjoy.

My taboos

x Disrespect
x Pain
x Humiliation
x COF (= cum on face - no, not in the mouth either!)
x Unsafe practices (= everything without a condom)
x FO (= French/Oral practices without condom or dental dam)
x  passive anal practices
x passive golden showers
x Faeces

I am willing to engage in more bizarre practices if you like it and if it gives you pleasure, but I will take the active role. I am not going to submit to you. 

Meine favourites

[Bar] Monkey Bar 

[Resaurant] Cookies Cream
[Wine] Sauvignon Blanc, Silvaner
[Music] Neoklassic, Postrock, Ambient
[Leisure] Mountain sports, artistry, languages

How about presents? 
Of course I always find joy in little presents! I love chocolate, literature, beautiful lingerie and delicate, minimalist jewellery. 
But I'm especially fond of flowers of all kinds (ok, except orchids - are they flowers at all?). 



30 years old
Blond hair
Blue eyes
Athletic but feminine
85B, all natural
German and English
Partially shaved


About my service


Love in times of COVID

Online- and remote specials

Worn lingerie and more

How to book me

 If you would like to date me, you should read my profile carefully and make sure that I am the person you want to meet.

Please send me your booking request with a short self-description of you and the following key data about our date (you are welcome to copy this as a template):


Date and time:
Meeting place:
Outfit preference:
Special wishes:
Contact details:


Here comes an explanation of each bullet point: 


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I like to know who I'm talking to in order to be able to decide whether a meeting would also be a good fit from my side. So tell me a little bit about yourself, please.

Date and time

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I do escorting as a side job, have got a busy schedule, a vivid social life, and numerous hobbies. So, the sooner you contact me, the more probable it gets that our date is actually going to happen. Same day booking requests I usually don't even notice in time. At best, you should give me about a week's notice so that I can block some time for you. At the very least, you should contact me 2-3 days in advance and we will see where we can go from there.
I recommend that you plan at least three hours for our meeting, ideally even longer. Even if we only have a drink in a bar at the beginning time will fly. Promise! Two hours minimum booking time is my absolute minimum. For anything less, you will surely find a companion that matches your interests better than I do.  


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I don't offer incall and recommend you to book a nice 4-5* hotel or something comparable for our date. I can also advise you on nice hotels in Berlin. There is also the possibility for me to book a room for us, if that is not possible for you on behalf of discretion. In this case, however, the sum will be due as a deposit by bank transfer and will not be refunded if you cancel the appointment. 
If you seem trustworthy, I may visit you at home. However, I will decide whether I am willing to do this. It is much more likely if we already know each other. 

Meeting place

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As a matter of principle, I do not meet you directly at home or in your hotel room. For safety reasons, I prefer to start our date in a public place so that we can get to know each other a bit first. Bars, restaurants, cafés, museums, theatres, spas... are the best places for this. Or will you surprise me with a completely new, unusual meeting place (no, not in the forest...)?

Outfit preferences

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Do you have any particular wishes about how I should dress for our date? A certain outfit, a certain style, certain shoes, a certain colour of my lingerie? I would describe my style as casual, sporty-feminine and discreet. I like to wear my hair loose, little make-up and a short skirt every now and then. Or just jeans and trainers. I like nice underwear, but I don't really like suspenders. I have got them here if you like them and I can wear them for you in the bedroom (together with the short skirts it's just not that subtle anymore, you know...). 
If you don't have any special wishes for my appearance, you can simply describe to me how you plan to dress. Then I'll adapt a little so that we look good together! Sometimes "just wear what you feel comfortable in" is not as easy as it may sound. Because I generally also feel really comfortable in sweatpants, but not when I unexpectedly have to wear them in a fancy restaurant... 

Special wishes

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What would our date look like for you to make it perfect?

And is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself? Do you have any particular sexual preferences? Fetishes? Should I bring certain toys for you, for me, or for both of us? 

My fees

These are my fees and they are not negotiable:

2 hrs 500€
3 h 600€
4 hrs. 700€
6 hrs. 900€
12 hrs. 1500€
18 hrs. 1800€
24 hrs. 2200€
48 hrs. 3200€
Each additional day 1000€

I am also happy to offer you rates for  mere platonic get-to-know-me sessions. This amounts to 150€/hour. If you are convinced, then you are more than welcome to extend our date ;)

Please hand over the fee at the beginning of our date (latest after about 30 minutes) as unsolicited and discreetly as possible, e.g. in an unsealed envelope. Please give me the opportunity to count the contents briefly for our both validation. After this we can leave the matter behind and focus on each other.

If you would like to meet me in a place other than my home base (Berlin and occasionally Munich), then in addition to the fee you will have to pay my travel costs (Flex-Ticket DB, 1st class - for climate protection reasons I only fly if I can't avoid it) and for longer bookings possibly also accommodation costs.
I require a deposit of 50% of the total cost of our date by bank transfer, preferably five working days before our date. 
If you have to cancel our date after making a deposit, I will transfer it back to you minus all bookings made by me that can no longer be cancelled and a processing fee of 100€. 

Would you like to meet me?


My privacy policy applies.

Please send me a booking request containing the following data:

  • Self-description
  • Date and time
  • Duration
  • Hotel
  • Meeting place
  • Outfit preferences
  • Special wishes

If we don't know each other yet, please leave me your phone number for a short preliminary conversation (max. 15 minutes). You can also make suggestions as to when I can call you. 

Besides going on dates, I try to contribute to destigmatising and decriminalising my work and making it safer. Sex work is part of our society, should be recognised as a professional service, and be given equal legal and social status to other professions. In order to achieve this I am politically and scientifically active, give lectures, workshops and interviews and participate in projects that interest me and seem meaningful to me.